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School, Peanuts Style

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It’s been a while since our last round of obsession with the Snoopy soundtrack, but after last week’s little road trip, we are all Snoopy all the time. We belted out the snappy tunes from this little-known musical comedy (more famous is its counterpart, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown) all the way up the coast and back, except when the baby was sleeping. And sometimes WHEN the baby was sleeping and we just forgot to keep quiet. After Wonderboy, we sort of forget, sometimes, that Rilla can actually hear our every whisper, and things like shouting “I know now that you can’t bend a cracker, no matter how hard you tryyyyyyy!” at full voice tend to rouse her from slumber.

Conveniently, Alice’s girls are big Snoopy fans too (she says disingenuously, omitting to mention she deliberately cultivated their appreciation by giving them a CD as a Christmas present years ago, mwah ha ha). Many an hour of our vacation was spent in the beautiful cottage dividing up the parts and rehearsing numbers. The Clouds song I wrote about last year remains a favorite, but this year’s front-runner was the show-opener, “Edgar Allen Poe.” (Or, as Beanie says, “ENTER Allen Poe.”) This ditty happens to be my own personal favorite from the soundtrack. Hilarious. And a bonus: educational! Sort of!

The Peanuts gang is in school, and Peppermint Patty is all in a tizzy. She just knows the teacher is going to call on her, and she won’t know the answer. (“I’m scared! I’m really scared…I’m unprepared! You know I’m unprepared…”) Lucy and Sally know just how she feels.

“She’s going to ask me something
On Edgar Allen Poe…
I know it, I just know it!
Any moment now she’s going to call on me
And ask me something I don’t know
On Edgar

Never fear—Linus has the answers. All of them. Always. “Poe, Edgar Allen, American poet, born in eighteen hundred and nine…”

(Trivia interlude: What other person important to me was born in 1809? I’ll send an autographed Little House book to the first person to respond correctly!)

As for Charlie Brown, oh, poor dear Charlie Brown, he tried to prepare, he really did. Clearly he did some cramming the night before, but he seems to have read the wrong chapter. He presents an excellent case study for Why Cramming Is Not the Most Effective Educational Method. His recitation of Poe’s Complete Works has never, in twenty years, failed to make me laugh. Perhaps you were unaware that Edgar Allen Poe was the author of the following works of literature:

Cock Robin
My Darling Clementine
The Road to Mandalay
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean

and best of all—

Dickens’ Christmas Carol.

At least, that’s what Charlie Brown says. (Yes, he says Poe wrote “Dickens Christmas Carol.” Endquote.)

“Don’t let the world find out,” begs Patty, “what I don’t know about Edgar Allen Poe.”

I’m glad the world did find out.