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…but no, I think I’ll pass on the opportunity to rap with Dr. Phil. Now, if Jon Stewart wants to talk homeschooling, I am so there.

Via Spunky:

Do you think home schooling children is the best way for them to be
educated?  Do you believe the home environment allows children to learn
at a pace that they’re most comfortable with? Do you think it’s
important for children to decide what subjects they’re interested in so
they can concentrate on what most stimulates their mind?  Or do you
home school your child to protect them from being teased, taunted, or
bullied.  If you want to tell to Dr. Phil why you have a strong opinion
on home schooling, please tell us your story!!!

I love the disingenousness of this blurb from the Dr. Phil website. Do you believe the home environment allows children to learn
at a pace that they’re most comfortable with?
Well, yeah. But at least it seems like the folks behind it have made a stab at doing their research…sounds like they’ve picked up on unschooling as a possibility, and they’re aware that people are choosing home education for a variety of reasons, and that there can be many different "strong opinions" about why homeschooling is a great choice.

But the headline on that web page is "Believe ONLY in Home Schooling?"—which is a loaded question and makes me suspicious…I hope the show doesn’t end up being a showcase of strident, extremist personalities who leave viewers with a bad impression. So go ahead, you nice, sane, personable Lilting House readers: go out there and show the world how charming we are!

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  1. Karen E. says:

    I’ll tune in to you and Jon, and would love to join you there. 🙂 But I, too, will pass on Dr. Phil.

  2. Theresa says:

    Wouldn’t touch that one with a ten foot pole! So not into confrontation.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I think you are right about the extremist portrayal. They will probably highlight those homeschooled white supremacist girls who idolize Hitler.

  4. been there, done that says:

    Dr. Phil is trying to out-sleaze Oprah to get her audience and will use that title he bought to infer that his show has more pertinent information. It will either be a sappy crying piece or audience members going at it fist to fist. Odds are it won’t be rational, just inflamatory enough for good ratings.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Dr. Phil’s expertise in the area of homeschooling is demonstrated by the 2 peer reveiewed research studies he’s published on rheumatoid arthritis, one of which is his dissertation.

    Achterberg, Jeanne; McGraw, Phillip; Lawlis, G. Frank. Rheumatoid arthritis: A study of relaxation and temperature biofeedback training as an adjunctive therapy. [Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal] Biofeedback & Self Regulation. Vol 6(2) Jun 1981, 207-223.

    McGraw, Phillip C. Rheumatoid arthritis: A psychological intervention. [Dissertation Abstract] Dissertation Abstracts International. Vol 40(3-B), Sep 1979, pp. 1377.