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Over at The Mom Trap, Kristen is sponsoring a contest:

I’ve decided to put together a little contest to help support a mom in need. Here are the basic rules:

1. Write a post on your blog about a mom WHO BLOGS who you think
needs a little splurge. Think stretched thin single mom, military mom
with a deployed husband, mom with a child with special needs who could
use a break, new mom with no family around, mom with an illness, or mom
who just needs a big CYBER hug. You get the picture.

*International moms are welcome so long as you can use a gift card in your country.

How does she inspire you? Tell me about her and why you’ve chosen her. Make it good.

(And by mom I mean any kind of mom – adoptive, stepmom, grandmom…)

2. Email me the link to your post (put CONTEST in the subject), or leave me the link in the comments IN THIS POST. Make sure you link the actual post and not just your blog. I won’t be searching for it, so make sure your link works.

3. Make sure you link your nominee’s blog IN your post. I want to visit and read their blog as well. So, they MUST have a blog in order for you to nominate them.

4. Do all this by 10PM EST, September 20.

5. I’ll pick 5 finalists and link them in a post and my readers (or whoever else wants to stop by) will vote. I’m looking for awesome inspiring posts and moms that REALLY need support. Winners will be
announced on Monday, September 25.

So, WHY ENTER? Well, the mom you nominate that gets picked will win a $50 Spafinder gift card OR a $50 Merry Maids gift card.

And guess what? SO WILL YOU.

A Merry Maids gift card! That is almost as exciting as, say, a Godiva gift card. Ohhh, I can think of several moms I know who deserve a treat. (I started to link to some of them in that sentence, but there weren’t enough words. I’d need a positively Dickensian sentence to even come close.)  The trick will be choosing one, just one, to write about.


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