The Last Regular Day

September 18, 2006 @ 6:34 pm | Filed under:


I took this photo last week because I surveyed the room after our usual morning learnapalooza and was heartily amused by the disaster we left in our wake. I thought I’d write a post about how learning is a messy business or something like that. I wanted to remember how the stuffed cat had to perch on the table to listen to King of Ireland’s Son, and how the colander kept Wonderboy busy for twenty minutes, and how everything on the table and sofa signified a small event in our day.

But I got busy and didn’t write the post. I came across the photo just now while uploading more baby pictures for a lonesome daddy way out west, and it hit me that that was probably the last such morning we’ll have in this house. A day or two later is when we shifted into hurry-up- and-get-ready-to-go mode.

You seldom do know that the last time is the last time when you’re living it. Later, when you realize, it smacks you in the heart.

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  1. Carol says:

    Those last two sentences are powerful – they remind me of at least a couple songs. Since I’m hosting the Carnival of Education this week, I’d like to make this post an “editor’s choice.”

  2. Mary Beth P says:

    You do have a gift for making what seems the most mundane seem profound! Thank you for the reminder of appreciating each moment! I have just finished a very harried morning trying to clean up the wake of what “learning and playing” have left. Up until this moment, I was not really appreciating those who left the wake. I am now!

  3. Helene says:

    That is so true that you often don’t know when it is the “last time” you do something! It’s probably a good thing- this way you don’t end up sobbing through it all. A lovely testimony to learning you left behind there. I hope you do write a similar post someday. BTW, I bought that World Map puzzle on your recommendation and my older kids did it in 2 days and just loved it. But after all that work, one tiny island in the Pacific was missing. Still haven’t found it! Also we got “This is America, Charlie Brown” on Netflix and enjoyed it tremendously as you all did. God bless you during your moving adventure!

  4. The LLama Butchers says:

    Strike the set