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We have a move date. This is really happening. In less! than! two! weeks!

This week was a blur of packing, tossing, sorting, taping, head-shaking, nail-biting, laughing, crying, neighbor-thanking, baby-kissing, Dr.-Pepper-drinking, mover-interviewing, medical-records-getting, trash-hauling, and (no surprise here) chocolate-eating.

About the Dr. Pepper. See, officially? I don’t drink soda. Except in restaurants, because that’s different. Or at someone’s house if they offer, because that’s polite. Or if Scott opens a soda and doesn’t finish it, because that’s thrifty.

Conveniently, Scott just happens to open a soda at least once a day and then suddenly decide he doesn’t want it after all. Conveniently, this soda always happens to be a Dr. Pepper, which is my favorite, instead of Coke, which is his. Conveniently, he opens this soda (which he will suddenly decide not to drink) at EXACTLY the moment when I am sitting down to lunch every day.

At least, that’s how it was when he lived here.

Since he left for the new job in July, I’ve been forced to (horrors!) put my own sodas in the fridge, and take them out, and open them and everything. In short, I’ve had to admit that I really am a soda drinker. In fact, it seems I have quite the little Dr. Pepper addiction going on. I mean, only one a day, but still. Soda. Sugar, caffeine. Nursing mom and all that.


But okay, fine, I admit it. I drink Dr. Pepper. Wait. I mean: I drink Dr. Pepper and I’m proud!

But I’ll fall off my high horse only so far and no farther: the whole time Scott has been gone, I haven’t BOUGHT any sodas myself. Nor have I put them on the list for the nice neighbors who have helped me with my shopping. Somehow that has seemed to be a line I wouldn’t cross. Scott stocked up on DP before he left for California, and I told myself that when it was gone, it was gone. And then WHEW, he came back in August just in time to restock before I got the DP DTs.

But that supply ran out three days ago.

By yesterday, my craving for the bubbly goodness of Fizzy Pepper, M.D., was powerful strong. My body needed carbs, and by that I mean carbonation. As an official out-of-the-closet Pepper and Part of an Original Crowd, I am supposed to be PROUD, right? But I’m not too proud to admit that I actually called my neighbor, Jenn, to ask if she had any Dr. Pepper. (I would have settled for a Coke. Or an Orange Crush. Or, what the heck, Pop Rocks in cherry Kool-Aid. Anything for that fiiiiizzzz.)

(But preferably the Dr. Pepper. And not diet. Because I am HEALTHY! I do not consume aspartame! Only real sugar! And corn syrup and caramel coloring!)

Alas, Jenn had no soda, diet or otherwise. Because SHE is really healthy instead of just pretend healthy. But she offered to pick me up some when she ran to the grocery store. For a moment, I hesitated. But she offered, right? That’s different from my asking for it, right?

So I said yes, please. And then a little while later, a DIFFERENT friend, Sarah, appeared before me with a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper in her hands.

"How did you know?" I asked, restraining myself from lunging at the box and opening a can with my teeth.

"A little bird told me you were out," she said, her eyes twinkling.


"No—your husband. He emailed me."

(Pardon the delay while I give the Internet a great big hug. Oh, email! How I love you!)

And yes, yes, this means I am so pathetic that I actually lamented to Scott on the phone that I was out of Dr. Pepper but was stubbornly refusing to just go buy some, and it also means that I am totally clueless, because even after the chocolate thing IT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME that he would take matters into his own keyboarding fingers to solve my completely ridiculous non-problem. Because he is THAT sweet a guy.

And Sarah is that swell a friend. And when Jenn (also a swell friend) dropped by later with another 12-pack, I could only laugh in chagrin (between delirious gulps of fizzy, vaguely-cherry- flavored-or-do-I-only-think-that-because-I-read-somewhere- that-Dr.-Pepper-is-supposed-to-be-black-cherry-flavored-and-at- the-time-I-was-shocked-because-I-had-no-idea-I-just-thought- it-was-Dr.-Pepper-flavored goodness).

And now I have twenty-four whole sodas mine mine all mine. Except that I drank TWO today. Which leaves twenty-two. (See how good I am at math? Now you can rest easy that I am qualified to teach it to my children.)

Twenty-two. And it just hit me that I will only be here twelve more days.

I will be here for just one more package of Dr. Pepper.

It’s all happening very quickly now.

At least I know what to give as parting gifts to my ten best friends* in the neighborhood. Don’t you know? It’s the original taste that I love so.

*If you are one of my neighborhood friends and I leave without giving you one of my Dr. Peppers, don’t think I was dissing you. I am probably definitely going to keep them all for myself, for the trip.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Now I know we are kindred spirits! Dr. Pepper is my favorite as well, following close behind is rootbeer and in a distant third, Cream soda.
    Per my request, my husband does the kind job of keeping the soda (“pop” here in Ohio!) in the trunk of his car so I do not drink them all day while he is gone.

    Now tell me you like Guinness and we will be friends for life. 🙂

  2. radmama says:


  3. Courtney says:

    I’m addicted as well and can totally relate to not buying it, myself! Have you had Dublin Dr. Pepper yet? It’s the original formula with Imperial Pure Cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Dublin is a small town in Texas that still makes the original. I did laugh when I saw the Coke ad on your sidebar!

  4. Melissa says:

    I just have to say…your husband is one heck of a swell guy! You are very blessed indeed. Good luck with the upcoming move! (I would definitely hold on to those last ten sodas.)

  5. The LLama Butchers says:

    Melissa faces up to the cold hard facts

    Admitting your addiction is the first step. I went cold-turkey on the Diet Dr. Pepper New Years Eve, 1995. The ensuing six weeks was a hell of bad headaches, eyestrain, and otherwise general malaise. Damn his evil soul! I bet…

  6. Susan says:

    Hey, Lissa. I’m a Pepper too. In college I lived on them.

    Good luck with the move!

  7. Theresa says:

    So funny! I, personally am a Coke junkie. And my dh is always “conveniently” leaving his unfinished bottles around for me to confiscate. Cause, you know, the calories don’t count if it’s not a full bottle, right?

  8. Mary Beth says:

    Did you and Scott get the Dr. Pepper habit from your former upstairs neighbor, or maybe he got it from you? It’s Darren’s favorite, too. Me, I’m a “Diet Coke” girl (it also goes well with chocolate).

  9. Cay G. says:

    Pack those last cans of DP in an ice chest in the van. You’ll need them.

    I was always told DP was flavored with prune juice. Hmmm….

    From one DP lover to another.
    DP Rules!

  10. coffeemamma says:

    We love the all-natural carbonated goodness from R.W. Knudsen (and they even have a Black Cherry flavour 😉

  11. Ida O. says:

    I heard that Dr. Pepper is prune juice. But I agree, it’s just flavored like Dr. Pepper!

  12. Shannon - PHAT Mommy says:

    And not diet. Because I am HEALTHY! I do not consume aspartame! Only real sugar! And corn syrup and caramel coloring!

    This is so funny! I tell myself the same thing about many different foods.

  13. Joy says:

    Oh how funny. From one Pepper nut to another…enjoy them in good health!

  14. texasmommy says:

    I gave up the charade awhile ago, though my midwife just tried to talk me into one soda a week, claiming that the baby would be fussy if he had caffeine withdrawl as soon as was born. Ah, but will he not continue getting that sweet lifeblood, (of course I am talking about the caffeine), through my milk?

  15. Kristen says:

    Yeah, I try to be “healthy” too, but I am addicted to the fizz and the caffeine. GAH!