Maybe It Was Going After the Fly in Your Soup

March 23, 2007 @ 8:40 pm | Filed under:

SiteMeter reports that someone got to me by Yahoo-searching this question:

"If you saw a turtle in the dessert flipped on its back, unable to turn itself over, what would you do and why?"

It occurs to me the "and why" sounds an awful lot like the end of a school essay question. Please tell me there’s not some kid out there who couldn’t think up an answer to this question on his own. The answer could not be more obvious. You’d say, "Hey, waiter, there’s a turtle in my flan!"

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    Maureen E says:

    Perhaps they meant ‘desert’ and didn’t type it correctly? The other version is funnier though.

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    Theresa ♥ says:


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    Elizabeth says:

    If it were “desert” it would be a line from the movie Blade Runner.

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    Beth says:

    Oh dear LOL