Sometimes These Things Just Write Themselves

September 13, 2007 @ 7:45 pm | Filed under: , ,

I’m washing dishes, and I pick up a spoon that looks, at first half-attending glance, like it’s covered with applesauce. I begin to wipe it off in my sudsy water, but it isn’t applesauce after all; it’s gooey and greasy and clings to my fingers, rather like…Vaseline?

"What’s on this spoon?" I ask the three girls at at the breakfast table.

"Vaseline," confirms Rose, all nonchalance.

"And why, may I ask?"

She is matter of fact, as if anyone with sense ought to have known without asking. "I was playing Rowan of Rin,* and I needed to make an antidote to Death Sleep. The Vaseline was supposed to be Silver Deep."

Well, okay then.

(*Technically, I think the Death Sleep bit comes into Rowan and the Keeper of the Crystal. Darn good books, by the way: a fantasy series by Emily Rodda. Big hit with all the 9-and-ups in this house.)

Rowanofrin Rowanice  Rowankeeper Rowanzebak

(I miss the old covers, the ones with young Rowan on them.)

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  1. Faerie Rebecca says:

    We love Rowan in this house, too! And the old covers were indeed better. Wonder why they switched?

    And how silly of you not to recognize Silver Deep when you see it. Jeesh, Mom LOL

  2. coffeemamma says:

    We picked up some copies with the old covers at for our 12yod- she absolutely loves the books!

  3. Margaret in Minnesota says:

    My oldest son thanks you for sending us off to the library to find these books!

    PS. The older covers are definitely more magical.