San Diego Fire Update Tuesday Morning

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UPDATED: Yikes. SignonSanDiego reports:

The Harris Fire is 70, 000 acres and 5% contained.  Firefighters are looking for full control of this fire on November 4th.

November 4th?

Still home, still safe, still worried about the city. The Harris fire to the south is making inroads; it engulfed Mt. San Miguel last night. My kids know Mt. San Miguel as "the mountain with all the transmitters on top like spiky hair." All year, we’ve been wanting to find out its name; now we know. (Sort of. On the news they just call it Mt. Miguel.)

Here is a picture taken during the night

This is a good site for updates
. SignonSanDiego moved its firewatch blog to Blogger to accomodate higher traffic.

The Witch Creek fire also continues to rage. It has burned more than 164,000 acres so far. Some 5,600 hundred people have evacuated to Qualcomm Stadium, and many more have gone elsewhere.

Here’s a blog that is updating frequently with fire news for all of Southern California, not just the San Diego area.

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  1. Mary Beth P says:

    Glad you’re all still safe! We’ll keep you, and all in the area in our prayers. I haven’t had time to check your blog for a few days (which RARELY happens), so it just hit me this morning that you all might be in the middle of it! Stay safe!

  2. Rebecca says:

    We are hoping and praying here in Ohio!

  3. Love2learn Mom says:

    Thanks so much for the Sign on San Diego Blog Link. I was trying not to log on to the news site, but was anxious for news. Perfect solution.

    My brother is still evacuated to his in-laws. Haven’t heard word yet on his house. It’s in a rather ugly spot on the maps.

  4. patience says:

    Worried and thinking of you.