Almost Time for Another Season of Project FeederWatch

November 5, 2007 @ 6:59 am | Filed under:

When Scott and I moved out of our little 2nd-floor Queens apartment to a rental on Long Island with a real back yard, the first thing I did was buy a bird feeder. And when we moved to Virginia two years later, the box with the bird feeder was—I’m not kidding—the first one I unpacked.

I am nutty that way. We love to feed the birds.

We’ve been participating in Project FeederWatch since our very first Long Island winter, paying an annual $15 for the privilege of helping track bird populations in North America. It gives the kids experience with collecting and tabulating data, hones their powers of observation and perseverance, and provides our whole family with the immense joy of getting to know our local feathered friends. Even baby Rilla is part of the fun; standing at the patio door watching the birds is one of her favorite pastimes.

The new FeederWatch season begins November 10th, so if you’re interested, flit on over and sign up!

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  1. Beckie says:

    We are first timers for Feederwatch! I am impaitently waiting for our kit 😉