Hiding from My Kitchen

November 13, 2007 @ 5:46 pm | Filed under:

I just finished cleaning out the fridge. Allll the way out. The problem turned out to be a broken starter. We found out a day too late to save the food.

Kids: "Mom, isn’t that all the stuff you bought at Trader Joe’s the other day?"

Me: :::groan:::

But to keep it in perspective, one need only recall that over 1200 families in this county lost their homes and everything in them just a few weeks ago. There are harder burdens than having to pitch a brand new tub of Blue Cheese and Pecan Dip.

There is one defrosted item that need not be thrown out. When the weather got too hot for baking last summer, I froze my sourdough starter. It woke back up yesterday, so we fed it and returned it to its countertop crock. Now we must wait to see how our little bacteria buddies survived cold storage. There’s been some bubbling action in the crock, but only a little so far. We fed them some more. We’re hoping for another vigorous starter this year.

Mmm, I can almost smell that fresh-baked sourdough now.

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  1. JoVE says:

    you can freeze sourdough starter?! That would have prevented a very black moldy thing appearing on my counter last year. I’ve been putting off starting another one because I’m not sure I want to commit to keeping it going, but if you can freeze it…

  2. Lissa says:


    Yup, you sure can freeze sourdough starter! I put it in a little gladware container and wrote the date on the lid. When it thawed b/c of the fridge problem, I took it out and fed it with flour & water, and sure enough, it’s bubbling away today! Hurrah!

    We’ve got another wave of Santa Anas, though, so it’s hot here today. I’ll probably stick my crock in the fridge (not freezer) in a few hours. (Just fed the starter a minute ago and want to give it time to grow before I chill it.)