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Links for Presents

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Things Scott would love (in order):

Shostakovich Symphonies and Concertos – An Owner’s Manual: Unlocking the Masters Series (Unlocking the Masters)

Debussy: Unlocking the Masters Series, No. 13 (Unlocking the Masters)

Chopin – A Listener’s Guide to the Master of the Piano: Unlocking the Masters Series (Unlocking the Masters)

Tchaikovsky: A Listener’s Guide Book/2 CD Pack Unlocking the Masters Series (Unlocking the Masters)

Dvorak : Romantic Music’s Most Versatile Genius (with CD) (Unlocking the Masters Series)

Things Eileen would love:

Famously Funny: A Collection of Beloved Stories and Poems

JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade

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Games & Fun Stuff Master List

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Too many posts! Too many links! If you go through my Fun Learning Stuff archives, you find oodles and boodles of links to online games and things. But that’s a lot to wade through. Allow me to spare you the wading.

Free online word games:

Babble (a combination of Boggle and Scrabble)

Neopets Word Poker

Eight Letters in Search of a Word (both this one and Word Poker are "see how many words you can make out of these eight letters" games)

Scrabulous (online Scrabble, and yes, it is fabulous)


iSketch (like Pictionary) (beware the public rooms—create your own private room and invite friends)

New! Karen just reminded me of, a charity-linked vocabulary game that devoured a thousand grains of my time last week

Puzzle/logic games:



History, math & science:

BBC History Games (a whole bunch of fun stuff here)

Ancient Greece game at Snaith Primary

Absurd Math (Jane’s favorite)


Test your reaction time with the sheep game

Geography games & links at Studeo

Tetris with the United States

Music & art:

Note reading drill

Art lesson plans from the Getty Museum

Mark Kistler drawing lessons on YouTube

and on his website

Not games, but cool:

Earth Album (a Flickr/Google Maps mashup)

Journey North (especially the Mystery Class project that begins in January—we’ve had such fun with it the past two years)