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What a Week They’re Having

July 2, 2008 @ 6:29 am | Filed under:

So far:

A trip to the pool with their beloved cousin.

Kitty cats to cuddle.

Grandma’s home cooking—believe me, there is nothing better in this world.

Three days in the mountains!

The Continental Divide.


Alpine sliding.

Horseback riding.

Roller skating.

Stepping in snow for the first time since leaving Virginia.

Making crafts at the YMCA camp.

Tour of alpaca farm. Baby llamas up close. Wool to take home.

More crafting!

A trip to a lake? The phone was cutting out at this point so I’m fuzzy on the details.

And from the sound of it, numerous gift shop excursions. “I got a hat, and a tiny horse with bridle, and…”

Are these children ever going to want to come home? 🙂