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Saturday Snapshots

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Gosh it’s nice to have my big girls back.

They were so excited to see that our pumpkin turned orange while they were gone.

And that I didn’t totally kill the flowers, even if the nasturtiums did get a little crisped while my waterers were away.

However, Rilla has strong opinions about who owns Beanie’s baby now. Possession is nine-tenths of the law and all that.

Ditto Rose’s umbrella.

Perhaps if she moves fast enough, Rose won’t notice she’s got it.

Hiding is another good tactic. What umbrella? Nobody here but us…um…mushrooms. Yeah.

It Ain’t Easy Being My Daughter

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Me: Ja-ane!

Jane: Coming!

Me: Hey, will you grab my tea on your way? It’s on the counter.

Jane arrives, hands me my iced tea.

Me: Thanks. That’s all I wanted.

Jane: (blinks)

Links for July 11, 2008

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