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This is one of those posts that makes no sense, because the people who could use the information are the very ones who won’t be able to see it. I’ve heard from a few readers that they have been unable to load Bonny Glen for the past few weeks. I’m working on discovering and solving the problem, but in the meantime, if you do see this post and know anyone who is having trouble, here’s a temporary solution you could share (and I’d be ever so grateful):

Try this link instead:

That should load my blog’s feed, which is a stripped-down, no bells-and-whistles version of the site. Posts only, no sidebars. (Of course you may also subscribe to this feed in a reader like Bloglines or Google Reader, and then you’ll never miss a post!)

If the problem persists here on the blog, I may consider double-posting at the Typepad site and having that be a mirror of this one. Not an ideal solution, but it’s the back-up plan if we can’t figure out what’s wrong.

Thanks, everyone.

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  1. Karen says:

    Just as a heads up, I have no trouble loading the page directly. I also use google reader. The last few days Google reader has been loading “new posts” from your site that you originally wrote a while ago (e.g. “The New Website is up!”)

  2. Melissa Wiley says:

    Thanks, Karen. That glitch at least I know the cause of–I did it, though I’m not quite sure how, when I attempted to set up a new Feedburner feed for the old Bonny Glen at Typepad. I fixed it right away, but not before it sent a couple of old pings out. Bizarre!

    As for the other problem, it may be that a few IP addresses are getting incorrectly identified as spam by my web host’s firewall…she is looking into the problem and I did hear from one of the blocked readers this morning that she is able to load the site once more. Yay! Here’s hoping we can welcome back the others too.