A Great Reason to Make Frequent Use of Inter-Library Loan

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Posting this helpful advice from Lindsay: (and bolding the reason I thought it should be bumped up from the comments) :

Just responding to something (the other?) Melissa wrote. If you can’t get Melissa Wiley books at your local library, do ask them to get them for you through Inter Library Loan. I used to hesitate about this, thinking ILL was something reserved for scholarly work, but I’ve heard librarians from various libraries enthusiastically encourage its use. I think it’s one of those things that the more it’s used, the more “the authorities” will see that it is needed, and consequently keep up funding for it. Also, one can hope that the more specific titles are requested, the more likely word will filter back to publishers to keep them in print! (We’ve also gotten Shakespeare and opera DVDs and CDs through ILL. It’s a great resource.)

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  1. Steve the llamabutcher says:

    The Mighty Yet Tiny Crozet Library has outstanding ILL support–you can order straight from the catalog search page online, which in and of itself is the most awesome feature. Turn around time is great.

  2. Melissa says:

    That IS a great idea! I always forget about it. I am not fond of many of the restrictions involved with ILL–like having to return books on time! haha 🙂 But, I should use it more often. I think my kids w/really enjoy your books (from what I’ve heard!) Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Gaynor says:

    I use this facility at my local library loads, it is much cheaper than Amazon and so I don’t worry about whether I will like a book, I just order away!
    The latest book I have reserved is The Giant Jam Sandwich which I loved as a kid and had totally forgotten, but Kathy at Resoration Place mentioned it in a post. When I let her know she’d inspired me to remember it, she said it was you that had inspired her! My best memories are of reading it with my brother and I can’t wait for the library to let me know it’s in so I can share it with my kids!

  4. Jeanette says:

    I use ILL all the time. Love it. I was so disappointed when we moved and I found out the local library charged for ILL. Luckily I found another library close by that does not charge a fee for the service.

  5. Lisa says:

    As a librarian I can tell you usage statistics often rule the day. “Use it or lose it” didn’t become a cliche for nothing! Use your Interlibrary Loan!!

  6. katybug8746 says:

    At our library you can also request that they buy books, so often I request that they buy something then ask them to get it for me through ILL if they will not/cannot buy it. I’ve been surprised the number of times they have bought the book I was interested in! This might not be as possible with out-of-print books, but it is still worth a shot and lets them know what people want to read.

  7. Sarah N. says:

    Thanks for pointing this out Lindsay and for bringing it to our attention Melissa. I have shied away from using our ILL because of the fees our library charges, but now I’m inspired to use for some very expensive textbooky books I’ve been wanting to read.

  8. Patty says:

    My local library formed a group with all the libraries in this county and the next. When you request a certain title, they will bring it from whichever library gets it in first. I used to feel a bit guilty about how much I use this service, thinking about the gas involved, until my mom pointed out that if the library van is driving back and forth for one or two books it might as well be full!

    I love this service and use it all the time. I can also renew books online and check their due dates! Which helps me not be late. The latest service that the library offers is email reminders about books that are almost due!