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I’m trying to remember something. When I was a kid, I had a set of books—puzzle books, I think? They were big, magazine-sized, but with sturdier covers, card-stock maybe. Cartoony illustrations. I don’t remember much at all about the content, except that it was funny and I loved it, and in each issue there was a page dedicated to one of the United States, riffing on the peculiar or comical names of towns and cities in that state. Like Friendly, Iowa (was it Iowa? I can’t remember) or Normal, Oklahoma. The page would show a giant map and little cartoon people (with large noses, I think?) would be sitting or standing on the map, cracking jokes in word balloons.

Maybe they were travel books, or activities for kids traveling?

I’m reminded of them every time I see a Which Way, USA book (my kids love those, by the bye), but this was something different. Published late 70s, I’m guessing, or early 80s.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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  1. Margaret in Minnesota says:

    Wish I could help you out, Sweetie, but I can’t.

    Helpful, aren’t I?

    I do have faith, however, that you WILL get your answer, eventually, and when you do it will feel GREAT.

    So I’m not helpful but I am optimistic, and surely that counts for something.

  2. Paula in MN says:

    I know we had those. I’m probably older than you, so they might have been my sister’s. I thought we got them at Shell gas stations when we traveled – something to keep her busy so she would stop bugging my brother and I.

  3. Jane Wiley says:

    I’ve seen the books and they are really great for childen. I wish I could help you find them.

    My hope is that someone will read your request and be able to help you with your answers.

    Oh…. there is something that I’ve been wanting to tell you… Melissa, if you type in “Jane Wiley Revelation Song” on “YouTube”.

    You will see the Revelation Song interpreted in sign language..

    I’m leaving this comment with the hope that you will find the answers about the books, that have provided you with such wonderful memories…and I hope you enjoy the song.

    Jane Wiley
    Halls, Tennessee

  4. Laurie M says:

    Which Way USA by Highlights?

    on ebay

  5. michelle waters says:

    Sorry, can’t help you but I wonder if the Minnesota page admitted that the towns Climax and Fertile are close together???? Seriously.

  6. Laurie M says:

    oh duh I wrote more after my question if those were the ones by Highlights and it got lost in cyber space.
    I was looking into those last year and they looked fun.
    I always liked Highlights magazine, except they were always at Dr. and Dentist offices – yuck.

    The one you are looking for sounds cute.

    hopefully this post will all go thru.