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Hephaestus, Probably, Because He Always Seemed Kind of Sweet

June 3, 2009 @ 7:51 pm | Filed under:

I love the way Beanie talks to me about books. She peppers me with questions sparked by her own deep immersion in the narrative.

“Mom, how would you feel if your best friend betrayed you and then he fell off a cliff?”

“Mom, if you were the child of a Greek god, which one would you rather be the child of?”

“Mom, how would you like it if you had only one eye and you were a really ugly Cyclops?”

Any guesses what she’s reading, by the way? (It occurs to me that first question may well be a spoiler. If so, I apologize. I haven’t read the book in question yet. It—like its companions in the series—comes highly recommended by Beanie’s big sisters. Someday, O TBR Pile, someday…)