Twitterlog 2009-06-15

June 15, 2009 @ 4:49 pm | Filed under:
  • Two hours of sleep? Is not enough. #
  • Today? Agley. #
  • I’ve just been told by my 10 yr old that my greatest strength as a mother is putting the perfect amount of mustard on a sando. I aim high. #
  • Dear Pork Chops, I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in wishing you would just go cook yourselves. With fried onions, preferably. #
  • Hello chocolate, my old friend. #
  • Turns out this stay-at-home mom gig is a lot harder when you’re sick. #
  • Alphonse lives: “Untimely Ripp’d” #
  • Dear Aches and Chills, I do not have love in my heart for you. Signed, Needs Nyquil #
  • Search hit of the day: “wholesale mississippi frog legs.” Curiously, Bonny Glen is #4 at Google for that string. #
  • Wellness update: I do not have it. Wellness, that is. Baby is much better, though. Kids’ fevers are down. Going to be an interesting day. #
  • Noon. 7 more hours until Scott gets home from work. How is that possible? And yet. Hooray for big kids who help w/ littles. #
  • Oh, man, my email is piling up again. I really hate keeping people waiting for a reply, and I ALWAYS do. #
  • Betsy-Tacy news: the high-school-and-beyond books are being reprinted in the fall. I intend to stockpile. #
  • Reading fascinating twitter convo b/t Alison Arngrim (who played Nellie Oleson) & Melissa Gilbert about the Gosselins &child tv exploitation #
  • They’re @Arngrim and @MelissaEGilbert #
  • RT CarinBerger “You must must see these astonishingly wonderful #japanese #book #covers from @roundmyskull: superb.” #
  • The thing about losing your voice when you have a hard-of-hearing child is that he can’t hear you AT ALL. Good thing we can sign a little. #
  • Listening to Scott play guitar on the patio while the kids run around in the yard. He’s singing What a Wonderful World. :::melt::: #
  • Dear my body, Seriously? Conjunctivitis? The laryngitis and cough weren’t enough? #

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