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Scott walked past in time to catch me giggling over the opening chapter of Shannon Hale’s new novel (for grownups), The Actor and the Housewife. He raised amused eyebrows at me.

“Here,” I said, thrusting the book at him, because that is what we do. “You have to read the first ten pages of this. It’s delightful.”

Ten minutes later, he’s the one reading and chuckling.

“How far are you?”

“Page thirteen. Did you get that far?”

“No, I was on eleven when I handed it to you.”

“Well, thirteen is the funniest bit yet.”

All well and good—but now he has disappeared, and my book along with him. You just know he’s going to reappear an hour from now and tell me I won’t believe the hilariousness of page 127.

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  1. a reader says:

    you are so totally Becky, it’s an easy connect. The first 10 pages make it easy to see you in something independent like this, clink-clink-clink.
    See you at the Parkside.

  2. Penny in VT says:


    You’ll have to devise some secret rescue plan…