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San Diego Comic-Con: Thursday

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Convention center.




Panel: Wonder Women—Female Power Icons in Pop Culture.

“They say there aren’t enough good roles for women. That’s because Eliza Dushku is playing them all.” (On Dollhouse.)

Sigourney Weaver: “Ripley could take Clint Eastwood in a fight.”


Will Juliet return to LOST this season? Says Elizabeth Mitchell: “That depends on whether or not Jack’s plan worked.”


Zoë Saldana (Avatar, Star Trek) on women in action roles: “We fight against a room full of men over why we can’t wear pants for all the running, the fighting…They think I can do it in a skirt and Gucci boots.”

Missed the end of the panel because the baby, who’d been an angel up to that point, had had enough. Had strategically placed myself on an aisle seat next to an exit just in case I needed to slip out. Slipped out. Headed down to the mad crush of the main hall and found—our favorite superhero of all.


“A Little Egg Lay on a Leaf”

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How many times have you read The Very Hungry Caterpillar aloud?

It’s got to be in the hundreds for me. Seems like every single one of my kids has had a time when that book was the favorite above all others.

But in all these years, I’ve never actually seen a real caterpillar egg—until now.


Can you see it? The little white dot on the underside of the leaf, quite near the stem. I watched the butterfly lay this egg and immediately afterward I ran inside for the camera, so this photo was taken no more than two minutes into the egg’s existence.

I hope the other caterpillars don’t eat that leaf. They are munching away and growing quite fat. We’ve counted up to eleven at one time but it’s likely we’re missing a good many. Counting callerpidders has become Rilla’s favorite thing to do. Mine too!


Butterfly watch: two monarchs, a tiger swallowtail, several painted ladies, and assorted sulphurs and cabbage whites. Also a possible viceroy sighting but Jane, my resident expert, wasn’t there to confirm.

As for our blue flower…Jenn, I was sure it was a cornflower too, but the rest of them are coming up—



(The color’s a bit washed out in this photo. The flower is really a soft shade of pale pink. Hmm….)