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Comic-Con Stuff to Blog About

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(But not tonight. Still not caught up—on rest, on reading, on housework, on cuddles.)

Graphic Novels for Kids Panel #1, featuring a stellar array of authors including the delightful Jennifer Holm, author of the Babymouse books my Beanie so adores. The baby napped during that panel, so I got to hear the whole thing, took copious notes, have much good stuff to share and many new books to check out.

Graphic Novels for Kids Panel #2, another awesome author lineup, many more titles to investigate—but Huck grew suddenly chatty quite early on and I had to make a hurried exit. Fortunately, prolific children’s book author and blogger (and wonderfully warm person whom it was a delight to finally meet face to face) Anastasia Suen was there and I’m hoping to hear more from her about the rest of that discussion.

How fond I am of Mark Buckingham. We only see him once a year at this con, and it’s always one of my favorite parts.

Ditto Kelley Puckett, who really needs to come to San Diego more often.

How Kristen Rutherford is the most gorgeous pregnant woman ever, and I’m not just saying that because she got invited to Skywalker Ranch and I’m hoping she’ll bring me along.

How charming was the karaoke duet of “If I Had a Million Dollars” sung by my hubby and Mike Costa at the WildStorm party. Scott really would buy me a green dress, you know. (But not a real green dress; that’s cruel.)

How the primary flaw of the San Diego Comic-Con is its absence of vast displays of candy like those at the Barcelona con. Props to Mike Costa, though, for hooking me up with a fistful of Red Vines from the DC booth stash.

How I may finally have found a sport at which I excel. It even involves an actual ball and hoops.

How much I love hanging out with my husband. The best, the very best, the best-by-far thing about any con is spending all that extra time with him.