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All my best Rilla material—the stories and quotes I want to save forever—winds up on Twitter and Facebook these days. (That’s the fastest way to jot something down.) But just in case Twitter goes kaboom someday, I think I’ll start a Rilla-page here for easy future memory-laning. Like most three-year-olds, she is one funny little monkey.


Rilla, drinking water from a mug, asks if we can pretend it’s coffee.

Me: “Sure! How is your coffee, ma’am?”

Rilla: “I don’t like coffee.”


Rilla: “Mommy, can we have a babysitter named Daphne?”


Rilla chirps, bouncing: “Mommy! I’m going to free mini-Hawk Girl from the dungeon!”

Rose explains: “She means buy it on Amazon.”


Rilla deposits terrifyingly lifelike snake on my feet, announces: “It won’t eat me. ” Pries open rubber jaws, peers inside. “See? It won’t.”

(She sounds disappointed.)


Rilla names letters on cereal box: “L-I-F-E.”

Scott: “What’s that spell?”

Rilla: “Butterfly!”


Rilla’s question of the day: “Which people bounce?”

July 22nd. She just came in carrying a small wicker picnic basket. Knelt, opened basket, carefully spread napkin on floor, took out A BOWL OF CEREAL.


July 17th. “Mom, what’s your favorite color? Choose red.”


July 13th. Rilla has spent the past 20 sitting in an armchair licking a little piece of Japanese candy with all the intensity her 3yo self can muster.


Spent the last two hours wearing a necklace on my head as crown because I am (so Rilla declares) Mommy Princess. Forgot about it until I leaned over the dishwasher and it fell in.


July 9th. Rilla found reading big fat YA novel. “This is my faborite book.” 3 minutes later, book is cast aside in disgust. “I don’t like it. It has WORDS.”


July 8th. Overheard—

14yo: “Do you need help pouring the milk?”

3yo: “Nope.”

14yo: “Are you sure?”

3yo: “I don’t want to be sure.”


(a work in progress)

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  1. Beth says:

    Oh! Now this I could read. {And here I am, leaving peculiar comments on your blog again. Ah, well} July 9th? Made me laugh out loud.

    (I’m sure I mentioned this, eons ago, when she was born, but I adore her blog-name. Anne I loved, but t’was Rilla I wanted to be; Rilla whom I felt I very nearly was, in heart).

  2. Laurie M says:

    she was pretty adamant she didn’t want to be a RAINBOW today in her rainbow skirt 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    I have a 3 y.o. who pours forth these quotes too. Constant entertainment. It’s so great that you’re collecting them all in one place — she will get SUCH a kick out of reviewing them in a couple years, when she’s so much older and more mature. 🙂

  4. Kristen Laurence says:

    Hilarious. You should have them all hardbound with photos one day!

    And “Daphne” – does she like Scooby-Doo?

  5. coffeemamma says:

    My Daphne’s a little young to be a babysitter (8 1/2), but approves of Rilla’s name choice 😉

  6. mommyrunsalot says:

    I had a wonderful time reading this — Rilla sounds like a character! It’s really nice that you not only remembered these quotes but put them down to remember them always 🙂

  7. Margaret Mary Myers says:

    I love the one about the coffee. “Out of the mouths of babes.”
    It’s so true of some of us and our coffee. I LOVE it, have to have it, but sometimes I don’t really LIKE it all that well. 🙂

  8. Kristyn says:

    …and this is why three is my favorite age.