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Two More Nifty Apps

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catanappDid you know you can play Settlers of Catan (our favorite board game) on the iPhone or Touch? The app is called Catan. Jane and I have been trying it out.

Pro: no tiles and small pieces for the baby to scatter.

Con: the computer-generated characters do too much trading.

Pro: clean, clear graphics and efficient gameplay.

Con: unattractive cartoonish characters (are we shallow?) and it’s harder to monitor your opponents’ moves and resources.

Pro: just about as much fun as the real game, and we can play it anywhere.

You can play with up to four people, taking turns passing the iPod around. Or you can play alone with computer-generated opponents: Catan solitaire. Jane says, and I heartily concur, that it’s more fun with real people.I can see this app being a great take-along on a road trip.

It’s pretty nifty, and would be a nice virtual stocking stuffer for the iPod Touch owner on your gift list (except I don’t really know how you give an iPhone app as a present, except maybe with an iTunes gift certificate).


Snapshot 2009-12-18 07-48-00Melanie alerted me to a supercool what-this-gadget-was-made-for app for birdwatchers: iBird. Awesome. Imagine carrying an entire birding field guide in a device the size of a playing card. Brilliant. The complete iBird guide seems to be about $20. I downloaded the free one which contains only fifteen species. Beautiful graphics and great functionality. One for the wish list. (And, like Melanie, I can see my little ones being entertained by the freebie app. Pretty birds!)

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