Dear iPad: Me Again

January 28, 2010 @ 2:02 pm | Filed under:

Don’t worry, I’m not stalking you or anything. Well, okay, maybe a little. Maybe I’ve been scouring the interwebs for hints about you for months now. Maybe I had a little crush on you long before I ever saw your picture.

It’s just, you know, I think you and I would really hit it off. We’re so compatible.

I mean, your battery lets you run for ten hours without recharging? I have six kids—I can run for ten hours straight too!

And just look how fond I am of your little sister.

I know you’re busy basking in the spotlight right now, but I wanted to let you know that when the limelight gets old, I’m here for you.


Your New BFF

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  1. MelanieB says:

    Lol. My husband could totally have written this!

  2. Snorkle says:

    Hahaha, I love this. I especially love the last line.

  3. Shelli Craig says:

    I’m so right there with you. 😉 I’m getting one ASAP. I’m breaking up with my Kindle DX — kickin’ it to the curb.

  4. Heather says:

    I was just there.

    I was just drooling.

    I must

    I must

    I must

  5. Kathy says:

    OH, I’m LOL, I’ve heard nothing but I-PAD talk from my oldest for the last two days.

  6. Kathryn says:

    My neighbour eldest daughter and I were huddled round the computer (iMac, of course!) watching journalists commenting live on live blog updates of the launch. How sad is that?