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  1. Jeanne says:

    So this is what I don’t understand about Kindle and such. You don’t HAVE the books. You buy them and then they disappear. I don’t get why this would be a good thing. If I want to read them again, I have to pay again? I’d rather just keep up my library fines…

  2. Anastasia Suen says:

    Thanks for all of you help with the carnival, Lissa!

  3. Melissa Wiley says:

    Jeanne, the ebooks you buy aren’t *supposed* to disappear. You’re supposed to own them outright and have them forever, just like music you buy via iTunes—but Amazon slaps DRM on them and therefore retains some control. (And iTunes has been disappointing on the DRM front too.)

    It remains to be seen whether Apple will go the DRM route with books purchased through the iPad’s eBookstore. I’m hoping they’ll make the right decision (no DRM) but their track record isn’t great in this area.

    Because of DRM, I *don’t* buy Kindle books to read on my iPod Touch—I only download free (public domain) books.

  4. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for explaining this Lissa. I had actually wondered if you were buying Kindle books and how you made that work, considering your appetite : )

  5. Melissa Wiley says:

    I did buy one Kindle book (for the iPod Touch Kindle app) just to try out the reader. Imagine my chagrin when I found that same book in my pile of ARCs a short while later.

    And I admit there are a number of books I have been tempted to buy via the Kindle app—like A.S. Byatt’s The Children’s Book, which Kindle has for $10—but I am deterred by that infernal DRM.