Attention Boston-Area Betsy-Tacy Fans

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You won’t want to miss this event tomorrow TODAY, Tuesday the 16th:

Get out your party dresses! Wellesley Booksmith and the Betsy-Tacy Society are brightening up February break with An Edwardian Tea Party in celebration of HarperCollins’ reissue of the classic Betsy-Tacy series of children’s books by Maud Hart Lovelace. Set at the turn of the 20th century, these beloved books chronicle the adventures of Betsy Ray and her best friend Tacy Kelly as they grow from little girls to young women.

Teatime starts at 2pm. More details at the link above. Wish I could join you!

And did you see that Betsy Ray and Joe Willard were included this list of Best Literary Couples? You know, I just finished rereading Betsy and Joe (yes, again) and I have to say that is one of the most satisfying resolutions to a stumbling-blocked romance ever.  “After Commencement, the World—with Betsy!” :::sigh:::

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  1. Beth says:

    Oh to be in Boston. 🙂

    This is strange, but I just posted reflections on my own favorite literary couples yesterday…and Betsy and Joe made my list too, of course! I love “After Commencement…the world!” and I also love “The Great War is on but I hope our’s is over…”


  2. Magic and Mayhem says:

    Just wandered in from a link on a friend’s blog. I’ve visited before and always loved your blog (and especially felt a kinship since we’re near Walnut Grove and my husband and girls are in the Laura Ingalls Wilder outdoor pageant every year), and now had to say hi when I see you’re a Betsy-Tacy fan too.

    Have you ever been to Betsy and Tacy’s houses in Mankato? We volunteer there as a family all the time and the girls dress up and reenact scenes and such. My hubby wrote a reader’s theater play based on a couple of scenes and they all acted them out for an event last year. My MIL grew up just a few blocks away from their houses so we are in the neighborhood often visiting my husband’s grandmother. It’s so magical to take part in stuff. I imagine you know this, but the Betsy Tacy society also has a fan page on Facebook (if you do FB).

    Here’s pics of a few events we’ve taken part in:

    Sorry to act like a gushing schoolgirl, but I’m tickled to see another Betsy and Tacy fan, especially on a site where I already was such a fan of yours. 🙂