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Since I seem to be writing a lot about iPod Touch apps and social media lately, here’s a roundup page for easy reference.

A day in the life of my iPod Touch (my favorite apps)

A couple more apps

First impressions of the Kindle

Streamlining the way I use social media

Social networks for book lovers

Facebook—why I love it; how I keep it streamlined

Facebook’s privacy settings

5 reasons I love  Twitter

Tips for using Twitter   (these last four are part of a series at Faith & Family Live; that last one is coming tomorrow)

And lest you think I spend all my time online (what mom of six could?)—I’ve written a few posts about books in my time, too. 😉

Who can stay online when there are cheeks like this to smooch?

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  1. Isabelle says:

    Is there a reputable company you would recommend for purchasing a URL? I don’t want to support Go Daddy and was even thinking maybe there’s a Christian company out there somewhere. Since you seem pretty technical, I thought you might have some ideas.