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March 17, 2010 @ 11:58 am | Filed under:

…about this whole bread thing.

Today’s notes so far: Our Henry’s is closed for remodeling! I had no idea. Totally threw off my plans. No rye flour at the big supermarket, so today we went with the whole wheat sandwich bread recipe, which I was eager to try anyway. Has honey & oil, so: rich and sweet? Yum? The dough is rising now. Might bake a loaf this afternoon to eat with dinner, or may wait until tomorrow morning. We polished off the last of yesterday’s baking at lunch.

Midafternoon update: Aha! I think yesterday’s yeast must have been old. Or my water was a tad too hot (I was worried about that) and zapped some of the yeast. Because today, using a new jar of yeast, WOW. This batch of dough (a different recipe) has risen considerably higher than yesterday’s, and is indeed filling a 5-quart container.

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  1. coffeemamma says:

    The whole wheat sandwich bread is Hubby’s favourite! He rarely uses it for sandwiches, though- just add butter and he’s a happy man!

  2. teresa says:

    We have tried several of these. The rye is awesome. Basic Boule is great. One time, after doubling we only baked up 4 loaves and forgot about the rest. It was in the fridge 1 month! Ohhhh, it was so delicious.
    Make that mistake and you won’t want it any other way.

  3. DnSmum says:

    Mmm… just went to amazon to “preview” this book. Noticed that there is a second book by this author: Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day:100 New Recipes Featuring Whole Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Gluten-Free Ingredients. Now the quandry… which to order?!