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Weekend Breakfast : Homemade Kolaches – as cozy as spring. Please to make this for me, daughters or husbandly persons of this household. Thank you.

After ‘Downton Abbey’: 10 British Costume Dramas on Netflix Instant | The Awl.

YouTube – Sinead O’Connor. “The Foggy Dew” is one of my favorites.

A Year of Reading: Making Stuff.

• This week’s Journey North Mystery Class update—are you doing the project? My family is in charge of Class #5 for our group. Another Southern hemisphere city for us this year!

• Sara has the Poetry Friday Roundup today at Read Write Believe. (Having spent all morning on Mystery Class stuff, I haven’t had time to put up a poem.)

• Why, oh why, are my bullet points so tiny?

• Why, oh why, do I care?

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  1. Jennifer says:

    The Foggy Dew is my son’s all time favorite songs (though he says ‘froggy’ I think he has a little crush on Sinead. She’s an amazing musician and sings this song beautifully.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Just a quick note to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your blog (as we’ve journeyed in your wake, from the DC area (through Texas) and ending up in North County San Diego. I’ve read for years and have laughed all the way.

    thanks for the links to the Mystery Class. My kids and I had never heard of it – and we are so very much enjoying what we are learning, and I wouldn’t have known about it, nor given it credence were it not for your encouragement here.

    I just read Jen’s post about Kolaches, which remind me of our days in Austin… so I think some may be coming out of the oven this weekend… oh yum! (which reminds me – totally enjoyed making the president’s day cobbler on Monday – another thing to thank you for!)


  3. Jennifer says:

    And also! Have you heard her version of Paddy’s Lament? Gorgeous:
    We watched this during our months spent on the Civil War while concurrently reading The Bantry Bay series.

  4. Melissa Wiley says:

    @Jennifer-FairyMum, thanks for your kind words! I enjoyed visiting your lovely blog just now! Especially the snow pictures. 🙂 Lots of folks from these East County parts made quick trips to the mountains last weekend for a taste of that snow…

    So happy you’re enjoying the Mystery Class! It’s quite an amazing project. I learn so much each year.

    @Jenn—that Paddy’s Lament clip was stunning! Her voice gives me such shivers. And that song is particularly apt, given my current research topic (she says mysteriously)…