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December Days

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Before the haircuts
Before the haircuts, obviously

Keeper moments from this week:

* reading The Cottage at Bantry Bay to Rose, Beanie, Rilla (we’re nearing the end; it’s been lovely)

* listening to Jane read Green Eggs and Ham to Huck

* Wonderboy counting the days until his birthday (and his daddy’s)

* a great chat with my S&S editor about our next book

* Rilla’s pride in making her lunch All By Herself almost every day

* how my half-collapsed cake draws cheers because it’s only half-collapsed

* the flock of cedar waxwings in the tree on the street at the top of the hill

* Wonderboy’s birthday note to Scott (“…i love you so much you alway come out and get your coffee cup and make them your coffee you pour the little bit the milk for mom and you…”)

* the package from Small Meadow Press, full of treasures and joy (thank you, dear Lesley)

* Huck’s morning announcement to Bean: “I missed you! All night all morning all day!”

* watching Adjustment Bureau with Scott (we loved it)

* small fingers sliding a note under my door during work-time

* Dragonsong and Dragonsinger for the who-knows-how-many-th time (I had to, you understand)

* Huck’s daily clamor, quickly picked up by his sibs: “A’vent cawder! A’vent cawder!” (He means the Jacquie Lawson animated Advent calendar—we are so enjoying this year’s London setting)