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Whoops, I forgot to title this post.

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Well! I didn’t mean to absent myself from the blog for so many days, but Christmas will do that to you. I hope you’ve all had lovely holidays. Ours was mellow and merry: just right. But I fear the wave of strep that flattened so many of us two weeks ago is making a resurgence. Two wicked sore throats here today, and one of them is Scott’s. For poor Beanie, it’s round two. Not good. It may continue to be quiet here for a bit…

Not to mention, tonight is my Cybils panel’s Big Discussion to finalize our shortlist! I’ve been reading like crazy and have a few last books to finish this morning between rounds of soothing fevered brows.

But here, I won’t leave you with nothing. Over at GeekMom, we’ve been talking about Pinterest. This was my take:

It’s funny, for all I’m such a social media junkie, Pinterest hasn’t grabbed me. I occasionally crosspost my “daily swoon” G+ posts there, but when I start clicking around other people’s pins, it pretty much just creates a mountain of want–so much gorgeousness out there to admire and yearn for!

But I have a number of friends who have never been keen on Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc—but they love Pinterest, LOVE it. I think part of it, for me, is that I’m a word person, not a picture person. When I go to Twitter, I’m sucked right in. So many conversations! I’m in heaven. But Pinterest doesn’t absorb me in that way. I get overwhelmed by all the beautiful visuals and find myself clicking away.

OK, now I’m LOL because I just went to Pinterest to follow those of you who’ve chimed in on this thread, and the first post I saw was this one about how to draw hair.  Which I know my manga-drawing daughters will be interested in—so it just occurred to me to create a pinboard especially for them, a place where I can share things they’ll enjoy. Now *that* I might be able to get into…

Other GeekMoms are using Pinterest in clever and useful ways, and by the end of our discussion I was really starting to warm to the site. My new “Stuff for My Kids” pinboard (where I’ve begun sticking things I think they’ll be interested in) may prove quite useful—if I remember to use it.

(Big if.)