“Edith! You are a lady, not Toad of Toad Hall!”

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We’re discussing Downton Abbey in the comments over at GeekMom. Care to join us?

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    Charlotte says:

    I think my favorite Dowager line last night was after finding out that Mary and Matthew wouldn’t be meeting for the first time again on the train home:

    “Oh good. I hate greek drama… the way everythings always happening off stage.”

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    Sara says:

    Just watched ALL of Season 1 this weekend, but didn’t see S2,Ep1 yet. CANT WAIT!

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    Melissa Wiley says:

    Charlotte: YES, that was my favorite line too! Wonderfully self-aware of her—perfectly in character and yet not at all what you expected her to say! 🙂

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    Hannah says:

    Maggie Smith gets the best lines, hands down!!

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    Caryl says:

    Oh, I love that quote in your post title! (Love the greek drama one, too.) My daughter was the Chief Ferret in “Toad of Toad Hall,” her school play this fall, and in December the kids and I read Inga Moore’s version of The Wind in the Willows. So we all would have laughed at that joke. 🙂 I haven’t started watching Season 2 yet; I thought I might re-watch Season 1 first, but maybe I should just jump in… (I’m assuming I can watch them on the Masterpiece website like I did last year.)