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Made Me Smile

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My cow creamer (which we’ve never actually used for cream) on the kitchen windowsill, adorned by Rilla.

(Yes, my windows need washing again.)

A drawing of me by Rose. I wish I had those jeans in real life!

(It is awfully nice to have a daughter who thinks you are the most gorgeous girl in the world.) 🙂

A photo that begs a caption.

Other happymaking things:

* Lesley Austin’s wonderful new endeavor, Wisteria and Sunshine. Have you visited? Are you contemplating joining? I am there and thoroughly enjoying myself. And my desk area, heretofore known as as the Cedar Chest of Shame, is now tidy enough to satisfy even Marilla Cuthbert. (Lesley rechristened it the Cedar Chest of Possibilities. This is much nicer than the Cedar Chest of Probably Going to Fill Up with Paper Clutter Again.)

* Downton Abbey. (Obviously.) Favorite storyline: Edith finally beginning to like herself (rendering her much more likable).

* Scott’s breakfast smoothies with strawberry kefir.

* Old Scottish ballads.