Made Me Smile

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My cow creamer (which we’ve never actually used for cream) on the kitchen windowsill, adorned by Rilla.

(Yes, my windows need washing again.)

A drawing of me by Rose. I wish I had those jeans in real life!

(It is awfully nice to have a daughter who thinks you are the most gorgeous girl in the world.) 🙂

A photo that begs a caption.

Other happymaking things:

* Lesley Austin’s wonderful new endeavor, Wisteria and Sunshine. Have you visited? Are you contemplating joining? I am there and thoroughly enjoying myself. And my desk area, heretofore known as as the Cedar Chest of Shame, is now tidy enough to satisfy even Marilla Cuthbert. (Lesley rechristened it the Cedar Chest of Possibilities. This is much nicer than the Cedar Chest of Probably Going to Fill Up with Paper Clutter Again.)

* Downton Abbey. (Obviously.) Favorite storyline: Edith finally beginning to like herself (rendering her much more likable).

* Scott’s breakfast smoothies with strawberry kefir.

* Old Scottish ballads.

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  1. Avatar

    Laura says:

    Your smile-inspirations made me smile too. Thanks, as always, for sharing the joy.

  2. Avatar

    sarah says:

    I don’t know if you are the most gorgeous girl in the world, never having met you, but I’m sure you must the luckiest to have a 13 year old daughter who would draw a picture of you – let alone a picture that was nice, let alone a caption that was even nicer. Either you aren’t telling us the full story (she did some dreadful misdeed and this is her way of making a shame-filled apology, or perhaps she wants something) or else you deserve Mother of the Year for inspiring such devotion in a 13 year old daughter.

    On the other hand, you are downright cruel to post that photo of the children along with the hint about it needing a caption. My brain is starting to steam and clatter wildly with all the possibilities. No fair.

    How lucky you are to join Wisteria and Sunshine. I am completely envious!

  3. Avatar

    Penny says:

    Made me smile too. So, so good 🙂

  4. Avatar

    scott (the other one) says:

    I don’t know if you are the most gorgeous girl in the world, never having met you

    She is.

  5. Avatar

    Ellie says:

    I really like Edith. I’ve never had the impression that she doesn’t like herself? How fascinating. My impression from the very beginning is that her family has utterly no use for her: sisters and parents alike cut her aside, turn away. From the beginning the viewer is given no reason for this: before and after she rats on Mary, we don’t ‘see’ anything … She’s simply the disliked/useless daughter/sister. Anyway. Mary I dislike quite a bit! And Sybil is a bit dull, despite have the best voice 🙂

    I love the drawing!

  6. Avatar

    Melissa Wiley says:

    Methinks both Rose & Scott have a case of love-is-blind-itis. 🙂

    (The drawing was actually part of a series. Other works: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World [Rilla] and The Most Kawaii Girl in the World [Beanie]. Hee!)

  7. Avatar

    sarah says:

    Most beautiful inside and out–and I’m not even related!

    LOVE this picture. It should go right up on the wall beside the Easter one. Full of personality.

    Smiling, for sure, in VA.

  8. Avatar

    Jennifer says:

    Good morning, Melissa. Love, love, love the “most beautiful girl in the world” pic. Smile. Big smile.
    Yes, I am over at Wisteria and Sunshine, too, and loving being with Lesley and all the ladies. So encouraging! I am feeling so “accomplished” with all the de-cluttering going on at my house right now.
    BTW, I have a cow creamer almost just like yours. I love the flowers in yours cow. Very pretty.
    Thanks for your writing and sharing. I always look forward to it.

  9. Avatar

    Betsey says:

    I was given the same creamer when I got married…the kids and I never tire of the cow throwing up milk in our cups.

  10. Avatar

    Hannah @ Lovely Woods says:

    1 – Isn’t there a Jeeves story about a certain cow creamer?

    2- Photo caption, referencing the sign: “Adorable children, however, are welcome.”

    3- I thought the same thing about Edith in this episode: “She is finally becoming likable!” and “How nice to see her actually be KIND to her sister (when she tells Mary about Matthew)!”

  11. Avatar

    MelanieB says:

    Yes! I knew the phrase “cow creamer” was ringing a bell. So glad that Hannah has identified it as a Wodehouse reference.

  12. Avatar

    scott (the other one) says:

    I believe, technically, that is not, in fact, a cow creamer but is, in reality, an “udder buddy.”

  13. Avatar

    Melissa Wiley says:

    Grouper. It’s GROUPER.