I did not see that ending coming

October 23, 2012 @ 2:46 pm | Filed under:

The girls told me they’d seen a dead opossum on their walk.

“It was so sad, Mom. Just lying there.”

[sorrowful pause]

“So we named it Commander O’Possum. He was Irish, you see.”

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    Andrea says:

    One afternoon I was driving a passel of boys somewhere. Out of nowhere, a squirrel darted out from shrubbery and HURLED HIMSELF under the wheels of my car (to my shrieking dismay). The only thing that could have made this worse? The second squirrel, frozen, watching us from the side of the road.

    The second child (following my stricken gaze) immediately pipes up, “That’s Tony. You just killed his best friend. Also, Tony. Because all squirrels are named Tony.”

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    MelanieB says:

    I love your girls. How long till this story shows up in a Thicklebit?

  3. Avatar

    tanita says:

    *shrieking with laughter*
    Yes, they named the dead Irish opossum. As one does…

  4. Avatar

    Dori says:

    Oh! lol! I’m not quite sure whether to laugh or cry! I’ll laugh! : )

  5. Avatar

    Ellie says:


    Also: I think our children must be related.

  6. Avatar

    Jeanne says:

    Irish, eh? Well-read girls you’ve got there.