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Saturday Catch-up

November 10, 2012 @ 12:36 pm | Filed under:

Forgive the silence…I got walloped by a cold this week. But otherwise it was a lovely week. We actually got some rain—shocker! The cosmos seeds have sprouted. No sign of the poppies or sunflowers yet.

Rilla got busy making paper snowflakes. I love how they look like something out of Space Invaders.

Over at GeekMom, I’m continuing to review monthly subscription-box services. This week: La Bella Box, a $20 Box of Awesome.

Anybody else watching this season of Upstairs/Downstairs? Want to gab about it?

Lots of especially good links in my Caught My Eye sidebar this week, including a piece on Jane of Lantern Hill at Fanny Harville’s Unschool Academy. Also the Alzheimer’s one is well worth a click. Heck, they all are—I wouldn’t save them to the widget otherwise. 🙂