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Sisters in the Wild

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There’s a whole post that goes with this photo, about our impromptu trip to the nature trail and the northern flicker we followed all over the park, and the peregrine falcon Scott and I spotted in the same park earlier in the day, and a flock of some kind of heron or egret flying in a V formation overhead, and the juxtaposition of reddening Japanese maple leaves and abundant, showy, fragrant, sherbet-hued roses in the neighbor’s yard, and, oh—all sorts of things. But for now all I want is to smile at this photo. The six-year-old and the fourteen-year-old, sharing a story. I was too far ahead chasing the three-year-old to hear much of the tale, but those faces tell me all I need to know.


(Bonus heartstring tugging: Same sisters, same hat.)

Morning Quick Links

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Lois Lowry’s The Willoughbys is $1.99 on Kindle today.

New Thicklebit!

And a very nice review of Fox and Crow Are Not Friends at Jean Little Library:

…a fun new easy reader with a great text and illustrations. I hope these two will collaborate on more stories. I strongly recommend purchasing the library bound edition, as this is one that will be read again and again!