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Rilla found a Winky Cherry beginner sewing kit on the shelf—one of those things I’ve had stashed for ages and forgot we owned. I used to feel pangs of guilt over forgotten acquisitions, but they so often seem to turn up at exactly the right moment, such a nice surprise. She’s busily stitching away and I look forward to a menagerie of felt critters in the days ahead. Felt is the nicest thing for a beginner, don’t you think? For both sewing or embroidery. No hemming required, overstitch looks lovely, it’s stiff enough not to need an embroidery hoop (for small pieces, at least), and no matter what you do it always looks cozy and cheerful. I love Felt Wee Folk and Doodle Stitching for ideas.

I had all sorts of little stitchery projects going before Huck was born (a mere four years ago), but I put everything aside when he came along and haven’t returned to it since. (To my chagrin: I still owe a couple of quilt blocks to certain VERY UNDERSTANDING members of my virtual sewing circle, and I never even sent out my own fabric for them to magic into something wonderful. IT’S STILL ON MY LIST OF THINGS TO DO, THOUGH.) (I’m shouting at myself.)

We had planned to go to the zoo today to celebrate Beanie’s 12th (TWELFTH!!!!) birthday, but the rain foiled our plans. Perhaps next week. Among all the other delights of the zoo, I want to give Rilla and Huck a chance to pet a real sheep, feel the lanolin in its wool, for a little sheep-to-yarn rabbit trail I’ve planned for Rilla, who got knitting needles for Christmas. With pink cats on the ends! And how’s this for incentive to pick up my own needles: I was sent a KnitCrate package to review for my subscription-box series at GeekMom—it’s loverly. The two yarns they included are to swoon for. I’ll let you know when that post goes up, probably next week.

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  1. Melanie B says:

    Bella is bugging me to teach her to sew. I may have to look up a kit like that. I did buy some felt and embroidery hoops and needles and thread but then stashed them away and never got around to actual lessons.

    Oh I still owe you and several other people quilt blocks. I know I did get fabric from you and I even had some matching fabrics picked out. At least I’m pretty sure I had. Well, one of these days my wee lass may let me put her down and then I can get back to my machine.

  2. sarah says:

    So lovely. I miss the days when my girl and I would sit on my bed, her sewing, me writing lesson plans.

    And thanks by the way, I’ve had the old Tom Petty song in my head all afternoon. Not complaining, I actually really like it šŸ™‚

  3. Ellie says:

    I don’t see how Beanie can be twelve. Seriously? The passage of time, from this end of the viewing scope, is utterly surreal.


  4. Jennifer says:

    Winky Cherry! That was my daughter’s first sewing book and right about the same age too! I check my mailbox every day for your fabric… and all the other mail too, but mostly your fabric. šŸ˜‰

  5. Winky Cherry says:

    So nice to see my first book teaching someone new to sew.