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Well, it’s certainly creative…

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Rilla: I’ve been thinking. We should have an art club for kids who want to be artists when they grow up.

Me: I love that idea!

Rilla: I wonder what we should call it.

Me, having a Jane Andrews moment: Um, the Art Club?

(Somewhere, Anne Shirley shakes her head in disgust.)

Rilla: No…I know! How about the Art Bassoon?

Me: *blinks*

Rilla: What is a bassoon, anyway?

 Me: It’s a musical instrument—here, I’ll show you. *reaches for Google*

Google, beaming: You’re going to love this.

YouTube, modestly: This old thing? Why it’s just a little something I threw together.

We watch in delight as a bassoon quartet plays a Super Mario Galaxy medley. Rilla’s excitement cannot be described. She marvels over the size of the bassoons, their rollicking sound as they play the familiar melodies.

Rilla: Bassoons are awesome.

A pause.

Rilla: But on second thought, I don’t think Art Bassoon is the right name for our club.

She thinks.

Rilla: I’ve got it! Art Sardine.

April Bookletter is up and running

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Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my new newsletter so far!

I sent out the April edition to the first wave of subscribers last night and will send it to a second wave this evening. Please feel free to share it anywhere you like! Especially with teachers and homeschooling groups.

To subscribe, click here.

Question for you: I’ve added a link to the newsletter in the sidebar (see “For Your Inbox” under the book-reading bee). Right below it is the form that has always been there—the one that lets you sign up to receive individual Bonny Glen posts via email. The newsletter is something different, separate. Do you think that’s clear in the info I put in the sidebar? Monthly newsletter, click the link; daily blog emails, enter name in the box? Or is it confusing? I’m still playing with this and would love your feedback.

Thanks, o ye most faithful of readers. 🙂