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The Lord Byron of Marsh Birds

September 27, 2013 @ 4:18 pm | Filed under:

We went geocaching at a nearby park today. No luck locating the cache (we’ll try again), but we were dazzled by a close encounter with what we think was a great blue heron. He was just standing there on the grass a few yards away, gazing broodingly into the distance. Beanie and Rilla edged as close as they dared and studied him for a long time while Rose and I scoured the leaf litter for that well-camouflaged cache.

My photos didn’t come out terribly well, but when we got home, Rilla drew this picture from memory. What do you think? Great blue?

rilla's heron

San Diego Library Grand Opening

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Tomorrow, Saturday the 28th! I’ll be there—will you?

Look for me at the SCBWI booth between noon and 5. Lots of other children’s authors attending too. My books will be available at the Yellow Book Road booth. The San Diego Mini Maker Faire will have a booth as well—I can’t wait to check it out!