six weekend moments

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1. Leaving the house early yesterday morning, I spotted a pair of goldfinches feasting on the seeds of my basil—yes, another herb I forgot to pinch back, and now I’m glad

2. Pink milk and candy hearts

3. Saturday night ritual: art time with Rilla while the older girls watch TV with Scott (after the early-to-bed boys have conked out). This week, we binged on Cathy Johnson videos. Oh, I just love her, murmurs my girl.

4. Weeded the front-yard flower beds. Began, at any rate, and made good headway. After I mowed the other day, I discovered just how much is in bloom. Nasturtiums, coreopsis, sweet alyssum, snapdragons, viola, milkweed…Ellie said it’s okay to talk about my flowers, hope you don’t mind. 😉

5. Set up a new palette and spent a good while testing colors with Rilla.

6. This one’s a Big Happy: today I finished the last empty page in my very first complete sketchbook. I started it on August 30. Have drawn or painted almost every day since (even if only for a few minutes). Feeling pretty chuffed.

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  1. Melanie Bettinelli says:

    A complete sketchbook! Oh frabjous day. You should feel chuffed.

    Oh I love goldfinches. I miss ours that used to come and eat the seeds from our cosmos. Way back when we had flowers and green and a front yard that wasn’t a deep freeze snow storage.

  2. Ellie says:

    Yarden talk! Yes, yes! From here in the deeps of February snow and subzero windchills, oh yarden talk is marvelous 🙂 I cherish the glimpses into the ecological niches of online friends!

    A filled sketchbook? Wonderful!

  3. Kimberlee says:

    Congratulations on the full sketchbook! (and your Daniel Smiths look so lovely) Are you going to share more peeks? We had lots of finches feasting on basil seeds last summer. It’s kind of dreamy to hear about flowers! this time of year (we woke up to -3 this morning). I do presently have teeny basil seedlings about half inch high in the kitchen. I like to rub their miniscule leaves for the scent.

  4. maria says:

    Yes indeed, chuffed you most certainly should be with months of faithful drawing and painting completed!

  5. maria says:

    And your time with Rilla made me swoon as both an artist and a mum.
    Plus, pink milk and candy hearts! Delight!(we’ve had chocolate w/breakfast for days now…oh the joy of Valentine’s candy!) 🙂