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Huck came to me with How to Read a Story by Kate Messner and Mark Siegel. “Mommy, will you be my reading buddy?” (That’s Step 2 in the book.) Why of course I will!

He starts reading me the book. And then, halfway through, only a few pages after the sneaky video I took below, he…stopped reading out loud. Got sucked into the story and read silently for the first time. Thanks to this charming picture book, I got to be there for the moment of transition. It was magical. And yes, since he’s my youngest, a little bittersweet–the last one to cross the bridge to solo, silent immersion. But only a little bittersweet. Mostly just magical.


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  1. sarah says:


  2. Penny says:

    Magical indeed

    Congratulations Huck 🙂

  3. Kortney says:

    “Will you be my reading buddy?” That boy’s got your number! Can’t wait to share the video with my still sleeping littles. Happy day to all your crew down South!

  4. maria says:

    Oh. my! Adorable personified! Precious! Magical! Just *sigh* magically bittersweet most definitely.

  5. Kortney says:

    Now I’ve got three crazy kids running around saying “Soon the castle will be mine!” in great big Huck voices! We’re heading over to the Thicklebits to re-read the old favorite that includes Huck saying Meep!

    Those tear-filled eyes!