Assorted Thursday thoughts

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1. I would like to take a drawing class. In a paint-spattered classroom with a real teacher standing over me grimacing at my line. It’s been 15 months since I started sketching (almost) every day and I can see I’ve made progress, but I’m craving instruction.

2. I’d better finish reading that KonMari ebook before my checkout time expires and it goes *poof* from my Kindle.

3. I wish all the things I want to KonMari right out of my house would go *poof* like an expired library ebook.

4. My brain keeps playing the following conversation on repeat: I should do the Everyday Matters Drawing Challenge. That would really help me improve. Ooh, I know! I should post each day’s entry to Instagram; that would keep me motivated. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? THEN PEOPLE WOULD SEE IT. Right, that’s the point, accountability, encouragement. BUT FULLY HALF YOUR INSTAGRAM FRIENDS ARE PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS, YOU WILL EMBARRASS YOURSELF. Sigh. Right. Of course. I wish I drew better. I just need to keep at it every day. Hmm, maybe I should do the Everyday Matters Drawing Challenge… 

5. Whenever a form asks for hobbies, I never think to put down “listmaking,” but I totally should. I make lists all day long. I have lists of lists. I could compete in the List Olympics. If there were a Nobel Prize for listmaking, I’d be a contender.

6. Today IS Thursday, right?


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  1. tanita says:

    This morning, I put on a jacket (OHHHH, we can’t let this moment pass without pointing out the JOY of putting on a JACKET!!! Whoo hoo autumn!!!! *cough* Okay, I’m back) and found a crinkled list in the pocket… a list with SQUARES beside each line item so that they could be appropriately checked and dispatched. There are, of course, also doodles all over both sides of the page.

    Twins, separated by… um… genetics, birth parents, date of birth and a lot of other things. But twins. It cracks me up.

    I, too, want to take a drawing class. And the someday, someday, SOMEDAY mantra sings on.

    I vote you take that drawing challenge, Melissa Wiley. The name of it even urges you onward. Every. Day. Matters. Every day toward your dreams for yourself. Now, get out there, chica.

    • Melissa Wiley says:

      Twins indeed! In my Periscope last week, before I could even begin to get to book-talking, which was the entire point of the scope, I had to spend five minutes chattering about how I was can-you-believe-it-wearing-a-SWEATER. 🙂

      I wish we lived close enough to each other to take that drawing class together. Or, you know, to grab a cup of tea once in a while. 😉

  2. maria says:

    Hi Melissa! Hi Tanita! I am Maria, your sister triplet. 😀
    (Or sister clone maybe?! 😉 )
    List maker since childhood. Lists with little “check-off” boxes nest to each item, of course.
    Lists every. where. And yes, lists of lists. Hey, we can team up and bag that Nobel Prize for sure then!

    Drawing and painting, oh yes! A must.
    (agreeing, take that class Lissa!)

  3. sarah says:

    I imagine your artist friends would love to see your drawings, since in addition to being artists they are also your friends. 🙂 Your non-artist friends would also love to see them (hint hint).

  4. Kortney says:

    Hey, Lissa–you should totally do the EDM daily challenge! I just love it when people put daily posts up on Instagram of what they’ve been working on. 😉

    Also dying to see a list of all the items you want to KonMari…

  5. Karen Edmisten says:

    Oh, add me to happy, sisterly family of listmakers. 🙂
    And add me to the list of people who wish their KonMari wishlist would go poof on its own.

  6. Isabella says:

    I love hearing about the art you are making. You inspired me to take a class from sketchskool. I am still working to create the space for art everyday:)

    I love your idea of things just going poof from the house. Do you have any suggestions on talking to kids to help them let of of toys? I have a six year old that never wants to get rid of anything.

  7. Lisa says:

    Hope you will post more on bullet journaling. I’m a newbie–so far, so good. Take the drawing class. You know you want to. hug

  8. Alysa says:

    Yes! Take the challenge!

    Love how you laid your pen and pencil to cover private details of the list. You’re so clever.

    If you want things to disappear from your house, phone a friend. I’ve done it with great success. “Hey, can you come help me clean out my craft dresser?” “SURE! I love to do that stuff!” You know it’s so much easier to clean out someone else’s belongings than your own.