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I’m all smiles today because I had the fun of being interviewed about blogging by Lesley Austin. Her questions were wonderfully thought-provoking and set me musing about how to rearrange my days to allow the daily blogging I maintained for so many years. I miss it! Lesley’s questions helped me hone on on what has shifted in my daily rhythm so that I’m blogging less often than I used to.

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Lesley’s site is so lovely—it was a real treat to see my words on her beautiful page. And I was really moved by the photos she chose from my archives—some of my particular favorites, and some moments I’d already forgotten.

Here’s a tidbit:

How do you think your own way of connecting and being in the world influences your blogging?

I think I was made for sharing neat stuff. 🙂 Scott and I have a joke about my superpower being enthusiasm. For me, full enjoyment of a thing (book, game, app, article, website) comes only when I get to talk about it with other people. I think that’s why I took to blogging so readily, and why I’ve stuck with it for so long—it’s been a place I can always jump to to say “Ooh look at this awesome thing I found.” I’m a magpie, a curator. 🙂 I think all my internet spaces reflect that urge—I share links all over the place.

You can read the rest here. And do visit the other posts in her series of interviews-about-blogging:

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Thank you, Lesley!

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  1. Sheila says:

    I know this isn’t topical with your post, but PLEASE talk about feedly! I just went in and was paralyzed with a feeling of “what happened????” I hate all this having to sign in. What are you using for your blog feed reader right now?

    • Melissa Wiley says:

      What happened to Feedly?? It looks the same for me right now. But I have the pro version (I pay an annual fee). Did free Feedly change? I’ve tested a number of other feed readers but this one is the one I like best. It offers enough features that I am *almost* reconciled to the loss of Google Reader.

  2. Sheila says:

    Oh, isn’t that interesting! Yes, the free Feedly has morphed into a “Welcome to your work station please log in” interface all of a sudden. I have to sign in and let them access my email and stuff. It seems a bit of an intrusion, although I suppose I have to be willing to do SOMETHING in exchange for the free access. I panicked a bit initially because my first thought was “I don’t think I’ll be able to remember all the blogs I check into each day, as they are mostly familiar to me through the reader!” Lulled into laziness, I am.