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I’ve been a fan of Julie Bogart’s Brave Writer writing program and classes since the first launch of The Writer’s Jungle. In fact, that fabulous resource was one of the very first things I reviewed on this blog, way back in February 2005. I’ve used Writer’s Jungle and other Brave Writer materials such as The Arrow with my own kids, and I’ve pointed many friends toward the excellent online classes offered each term.

And now I’ll be joining the roster of Brave Writer teachers myself! After that incredible experience at the BW Retreat in July, Julie talked me into joining her team as an instructor. I’ll be taking on some of my favorite topics: comics and historical fiction. The new course line-up was announced this morning, abundant as always with enticing classes I know my own kids would enjoy.

bravewriterlogoWhat I’ll be teaching:

Comic Strip Capers — March 6-29, ages 9 and up

Penning the Past — May 8-June 2, ages 11-14

Please click the links to read more about my classes! Registration begins December 5.

I’ll plan to hop on Periscope on Wednesday afternoon (2:30 Pacific time) for some Q&A.

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  1. Penny says:

    Oh my golly. That is fantastic. As soon as my 15 year old is willing to take an online class your comic strip capers will be IT!

    I hope you enjoy it – you and BW seem a perfect pairing!

    Best wishes!

  2. Tabatha says:

    Very cool! Lucky kids who get to take those classes 🙂

  3. Jen L. says:

    The partnership that was meant to be!

  4. Karen Edmisten says:

    So great! So happy!

  5. Susanne Barrett says:

    Welcome, Melissa!! We’re so thrilled that you’re officially joining the Brave Writer team! 😀 Now we have three San Diegans on staff!! 😀

    Your classes sound wonderful!! What fun!! 😀

    Okay, it’s back to commenting on research papers for me, LOL!! Welcome!!

    Susanne 🙂

  6. Kay says:

    SO wonderful to hear. Our benefit from knowing the both of you is beyond measure. Although my homeschool years are complete, knowing the Bravewriter philosophy is growing as it is makes me smile everyday. Thank you and congratulation to you both.
    Kay Byrnes
    William (22), Anna (18)

    So for anyone on the fence about jumping in to BRavewriter, JUMP, don’t wait you will not regret the love in this lifestyle. Your kids are awesome and Bravewriter helps YOU learn that by hearing their words that speak from their hearts.

  7. Debbie says:

    So glad to see you joining the BW teachers. We have had such wonderful experiences with BW. I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful addition to the amazing BW teaching force. We’ll be ready to register for both of your classes come Dec. 5. So happy to have them opened up to HS students as well. Thanks.