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June 26, 2006 @ 8:10 am | Filed under: Homeschooling

Have you paid a visit to the KnowHomeschooling wiki yet? A wiki is a website where anyone, including you, can contribute or edit content on the topic in question. The best way to get a grip on what it is exactly is to go explore.

There’s a section on homeschooling blogs—is yours there? If not, Scott Somerville has posted instructions for how to add it. founder Jill has asked me to help spread the word to unschoolers in particular—she’d love your help in adding to the unschooling and day in the unschooling life sections. And I noticed that one has yet written pages for Latin-Centered or Charlotte Mason education. Click here to find out how to add or edit a page.

And get this—anyone who adds or edits content on the site can enter a drawing for $500! Five hundred dollars! I think I’m having palpitations.

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  1. Hee hee! I actually DID it! I am so proud (pats self on back). It was pretty easy to add my blog following Scott’s directions.
    Thanks Lissa!
    Now…to figure out how to enter that drawing…

  2. Next we need to put up step-by-step directions for adding a curriculum to the Wiki. Feel free to grab the instructions on how to add a blog from my page and tweak them for your readers. I’ll point people to your page if you’ll put it up!

  3. Wikis rule. Seems perfect tool for the homeschooling community, and really, for any community effort.