The 48-Hour Book Challenge Recap

June 26, 2006 @ 5:19 am | Filed under:

I didn’t participate in Mother Reader’s very cool read-and-review-as-many-books-as-you-possibly-can-without-going-blind internet mass-read extravaganza. I know my limits. Once so proud of my ability to devour a book or four a week, I have meekly accepted the new reality: I am now a slow reader. It’s a time-and-tired thing. If I go to bed early just so I can read, I’m asleep before the chapter ends. Scott laughs when the book falls on my face. Sometimes this wakes me up enough to read another paragraph. Once the book fell on the baby’s face. She didn’t seem to notice, but it made me realize I need to rethink this whole reading in bed thing.

Fortunately, a lot of other bloggers have more stamina. Mother Reader gives a thorough recap of the competition here. And look!

“The winner of the 48 Hour Book Challenge is Midwestern Lodestar! This dark horse librarian by training read an amazing fourteen books with a total of 3155 pages! She read and blogged for about 26 of the 48 hours. What an introduction to the kidlitosphere!”

Did you catch it? It’s a real word now! Kathryn Judson (whose blog I quite enjoy) sent me a note the other day asking if I’d Googled “kidlitosphere” lately—she’s right! Just look at all those hits! ::sniff:: They grow up so fast…

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