You Don’t Say

August 14, 2006 @ 4:46 am | Filed under: These People Crack Me Up

This morning I left three children sleeping in my bed (rather like a litter of puppies) and hurried downstairs to get the trash out. When I came back into the house, one of the puppies was howling at the top of his little puppy lungs. (Where "howling"="shrieking.") I hurried back upstairs and lay down beside him. He calmed down instantly.

I asked one of the other puppies (the five-year-old one) how long he’d been crying.

Her answer: "Till you came back."

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  1. Thanks so much for the laughs today(here and at Lilting House). I can so identify with your life right now–did it for 2 years. Hang in there, you are doing great–just keep on laughing!