After Two Days in the Car, it Could Be Worse

October 7, 2006 @ 4:39 am | Filed under:

Rose: Even though Beanie can be annoying, I wouldn’t want her to be eaten by a shark.

(I’m sure we’re all glad to hear THAT.)

(And actually the kids have all been great.)

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  1. Anne V. says:

    Glad the kids have been great-of course they would 🙂
    Thanks for the updates–we think of you daily.
    Go, go ,go!Every minute going forward is getting closer. When L was little and screamed if in her car seat more than 15-20 minutes instead of being frustrated at not getting anywhere I would just keep telling myself that every inch forward was an inch closer to our destination-and we told everyone on the other end-we’ll get there eventually. Better everyone to be happy than stressed :)Of course, it took a few trips to get this way of thinking :O)
    Enjoy the scenery of this beautiful country of ours!

  2. Mary Beth P. says:

    How about a coyote? Would you want her to be eaten by one of those? Just kidding! Enjoy the ride!

  3. Lisa says:

    That’s Beanie! Those old folks must have been thrilled to see that little curly head! I MISS YOU ALL! Kiss that sweet Kelly for me!