No Catholic Church in Boonville MO

October 8, 2006 @ 4:58 am | Filed under:

Looks like we’ll have to head to KS City for Mass this morning. Might also be able to squeeze in a quick hello with some friends there, and then it’s on to Kansas and an overnight rendezvous with Karen E! Color me a-cited!

I think it was over at Lilting House that I was rhapsodizing about that fine invention, the breakfast buffet. I forgot the best part of yesterday’s morning repast. The food was in the hotel lobby, the tables in a small adjoining room. I filled Beanie’s plate and told her to go find a place for us to sit. When I entered the dining room with my own full plate, I was surprised to spot Bean chowing down at a table occupied by a large party of senior citizens. Everyone at EVERY table was grinning with amusement at our happy Bean and her hard-boiled egg.

“Oh!” I cried. I had to laugh. “I told her to find a seat. Guess I didn’t specify AT AN EMPTY TABLE!”

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  1. Avatar

    Alice says:

    I can just imagine the smiles she received. Beanie is the personification of cute!

  2. Avatar

    Ryane says:

    Oh that is funny. How cute she is! Thanks letting us share in your cross country adventure.